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Essential Gifts for the Essential Healthcare Pro

Essential Gifts for the Essential Healthcare Pro

As nurses, we all have well meaning family members and friends who want to gift us something during the holiday season. If you’re like us, you have received your fair share of mugs, t-shirts, and badge reels with the cliche reminders that, “Nurses Call the Shots”, or that we enjoy “Coffee, Scrubs and Rubber Gloves”. Finding essential gifts for the essential healthcare worker can be a difficult task, Lumify is here to help! 

Here are TEN items that are sure to make a nurse’s shift MERRY and BRIGHT: 

  1. uNight Light: a wearable LED light, designed by nurses for frontline healthcare pros working in the clinical setting. Keeping you safe, your patients asleep, and your shifts a bit brighter. 
  1. Subscription to Hello Fresh: Meals sent your way with minimal prep work and little fuss. After a string of shifts no one wants to think about the grocery store or “what’s for dinner”. 
  1. New shoes!!! We are on our feet for hours during a shift and great shoes are a MUST. A new pair of shoes for work is a great way to treat your feet! (Clove, Snibbs, Klogs, Gales
  1. Custom & Personalized scrub hat: Choose your print & choose your style. We love a fun and functional way to personalize our look. (TaylorMade Scrub Hats, Kim Kaps
  1. Eko stethoscope: AI-powered stethoscopes to help make your assessments more efficient by allowing you to hear faster and more clearly. We Lub-Dub these stethoscopes so much. 
  1. RekMed (nurse/student nurse planner): Staying organized as a nursing student or nurse is no easy task! These daily planners integrate easy to learn content, references, and tools to help you keep all together in a colorful and interactive way! 
  1. Owala water bottles: When you order you get to choose HOW you want to drink your drink; straw, flip, twist! Plus, it keeps your drink cold for your whole shift, love that! 
  1. PREMIUM scrub sets: Hands down NO comparison! When your scrubs look good and make you feel great it pours positivity and confidence into the rest of your shift. (Jaanuu, Medelita, Dolan). 
  1. Compression socks: Our shifts are long and can be hard on our feet and bodies. Compression socks help to maintain blow flow, reduce discomfort and swelling. It’s an added bonus when they are ADORABLE and the company is founded by a fellow NURSE. Check out Up at Dawn
  1. Custom badge reels: The perfect badge reel can capture our personality, be a reflection of who we are, add a smile to a stressful situation, be a distraction for a nervous patient, a conversation starter, or a small way to celebrate holidays! Our friends at The Badge Bar have the perfect match for everyone. 

The best news is that you can access all of these amazing items in ONE place, the Lumify Hub. In addition to being able to find all these great brands, the Lumify Hub also provides mental health resources, credentialing management platforms, amazing resources for travel nurses like MedVenture, access to communities built to support you, transparent reviews, and exclusive discounts. 

We understand how challenging working in healthcare has been these few years. Despite the heaviness of our profession we hope that you are able to celebrate with those you love this holiday season and welcome the light of a new year! 

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