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Black-Owned Businesses on the Lumify Marketplace

Black-Owned Businesses on the Lumify Marketplace

In honor of Black History Month, we are honored to highlight Black-owned businesses on the Lumify Marketplace! We're so inspired by these incredible brands, services, communities, and platforms making a positive difference for our healthcare community. Join us in celebrating these amazing businesses and their contributions to the healthcare community.

The Lumify Marketplace is the most holistic marketplace for healthcare workers to find, share, and buy your gear and resources to excel at the bedside and beyond!


From Student to Nurse

"From Student to Nurse" is the ultimate new nurse survival guide to help you transition from being a graduate nurse to a professional nurse and prepare you for the realities of professional nursing practice!


SHAPE | Medical

SHAPE I Medical is a brand that seeks to empower healthcare professionals to provide optimal care to their patients by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. We are inspired by your journey, and we want to help you on the path to your destination. When you go to work, you’re there for your patient; here we show up for you.


Scrub Society

An inclusive community of healthcare professionals sharing tips, tricks and stories for navigating one of the largest industries in the world. Check out Scrub Society's cute apparel, pins, and more that will surely brighten your shift. 


We are a luxury skincare brand that aims to promote luxury and selfcare in the medical world. We have prided ourselves in creating products that contain high grade ingredients, peaceful fragrances and portable packaging design for nurses and medical professionals from bedside to off duty.

Latrina Walden Exam Solutions

Latrina Walden Exam Solutions is a community of nurses supporting nurses -- and that's why it works. We are the premier training method to successfully master certified Nurse Practitioner exams because we've been in your shoes. We know what it's like to want to excel at your career and better assist patients. We know what it's like to want to be a strong peer within the nurse community. 


PULSE Scrubs

Nurse owned scrub and apparel brand based in Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to have you looking and feeling your best in our modern and extremely comfortable scrubs.



NurseBrain® is EHR compatible, HIPAA compliant and does not collect any Protected Health Information (PHI). Enter your nursing assignment from any device (web browser, cellphone or tablet) and easily update it throughout your shift. Once your shift is complete, share your NurseBrain® report sheet with the incoming nurse for a smooth and concise handoff!


The ReNegade Résumé

Your one-stop shop for résumé, cover letter, personal statement and interview preparation services specifically for the entire nursing community.


30 days of Self Care for Exhausted Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are notorious for taking great care of others, but not doing so great with their own self care. Let's change that together! I am a travel ICU RN that knows the stress of work all too well. We deal with heavy emotions on a daily basis, on top of a near impossible work load. This journal can help calm the inner stress and anxiety, so that you can perform better at work and at home.


Med Travel Hub

The Hub is a traveling community for healthcare professionals who are looking to explore the world, connect with new people, and create lasting memories.

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